Fortifier HM18

Fortifier HM18

Human milk derived fortifier with 18% protein

  • Human milk fortifiers have been clinically proven in 20+ studies since 2006 in reducing complications such as Sepsis, Feed intolerance and shortening the length of stay within NICU
  • Human-milk derived fortifier with minimum 18% protein and no preservatives
  • Made from excess breast milk provided by voluntary UK mothers
  • This product contains 100% human milk-derived ingredients, including fat, protein, lactose, and valuable components like oligosaccharides,immunoglobulins, growth factors, and essential nutrients.
  • Suitable for premature and low birth weight babies, to support their nutritional
    needs, growth and neurodevelopment
  • A Powdered fortifier ensures no displacement of mother’s milk
  • Osmolality: <450
  • 10 X 1g sachets per box

The only human milk derived fortifier, from UK based donor mothers and manufactured in the UK

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