Our Mission

Providing quality human milk products to meet the unique nutritional needs of premature and low-birth weight infants.

Save a life – be a milk provider

A mother’s own breast milk is the first choice for all neonates, including premature infants, due to its nutritional composition and immunologic advantages. However, some infants have specific nutritional needs that their mothers are not able to provide.

This is where your excess breast milk will go. By agreeing to provide your breast milk you are helping in saving the life of a premature baby. If you are interested in becoming a milk provider, we request you to kindly fill the form and we will get in touch with you.

Mothers who provide their excess milk are offered a small amount of compensation for the time and expense associated with milk production and expression.

Provide your excess breast milk and help support premature babies towards their optimal growth and development

By sending milk to NeoKare Nutrition, your will give premature babies the opportunity to benefit from a 100% human milk diet.

  • Your excess breast milk will be transformed into potentially life-saving nutritional products for premature babies.
  • Numerous clinical trials have demonstrated the ability of human breast milk derived products in saving the lives of premature babies.

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