Premature Infants Nutrition

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Provide your premature baby with the nutritional care it needs, by delivering essential nutrients and supporting the overall growth and weight of the baby with Neokare’s 100% breast milk-derived fortifier products.

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Why is Optimal Nutrition Vital for Premature Infants’ Growth and Development?

Since premature babies are born before 28-37 weeks of gestation, they have additional nutritional requirements to balance their diet and support their overall growth and development. While Human milk is the ideal nutrition for preterm infants, evidence suggests that preterm neonates require supplementation for optimal growth. Providing them with breast milk fortifiers for preemies, and pasteurized milk products supports their optimal nutrition, as these products offer essential nutrients crucial for their development.

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  • a Extremely Preterm: Born before 28 weeks of gestation.
  • b Very Preterm: Born between 28 and 32 weeks of gestation.
  • c Moderate to Late Preterm: Born between 32 and 37 weeks of gestation.
Daily Requirement per Kg Preterm milk at 28 days at 160ml/kg/day Donor milk at 160 ml/kg/day
Energy 120 kcal 107 kcal 107 kcal
Protein 4g (4.5 g) 2.6 2.0
Calcium 120 mg 50 mg 50 mg
Phosphorous 60 mg/td> 9 mg 9 mg

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Benefits of Using Fortifiers and PHBM

  • 1Fortifiers induce additional nutritional content in the mother’s breast milk to provide a balanced and rich source of vital nutrients for the baby.
  • 2 Milk fortifier for preterm infants aids in brain development and contributes to the overall growth of preterm babies.
  • 3 Using human milk-derived fortifiers reduces your baby’s hospital stay by 3-5 days.
  • 4 Fortifiers lower the risk of conditions like NEC and sepsis and protect your baby’s health.
  • 5Fortifiers improve tolerability and reduce the risk of CMPA (Cow Milk Protein Allergy) in newborn babies.

  • 6 Fortifiers are scientifically proven to support superior weight gain in babies.

Product details and its components

Breast milk fortifiers

Breast milk fortifiers for premature babies have been clinically proven in 20+ studies since 2006 in reducing complications such as Sepsis and feed intolerance and shortening the length of stay within the NICU.

  • Human-milk-derived fortifier with a minimum of 18% protein and no preservatives.
  • Powder-based fortifier to provide additional protein.
  • Used to supplement protein deficiency in mother’s/donor’s milk.
  • Classified as Food for Special Medical Purposes(FSMP).
  • Osmolality: < 400 mOsm/kg.
  • Powder products are stored in a cool and dry place.
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Instruction for Usage

  • 1 Wash hands and sterilize all feeding containers.
  • 2 Check best before date on HMPS 18 sachet.

  • 3 Pour 25 ml of warm human milk into a sterile container.
  • 4 If human milk is frozen, ensure it is fully thawed before adding HMPS 18.
  • 5Add the entire content of one sachet (1 g) into the container with 25 ml of human milk.
  • 6 Ensure powder is completely dissolved in human milk before feeding.
  • 7Single-use sachet.
  • 8 Do not use leftovers. Opened sachets should be used immediately.

Instruction for Usage

  • 1 Thaw in refrigerator or lukewarm water. Never in a microwave.
  • 2 If thawed in lukewarm water, must be used completely within 48 hours & it should be kept at refrigerated condition.
  • 3 Unopened NeoKare cream fortifier bottles thawed in the refrigerator can be kept in the refrigerator (2- 4°C) for 3 weeks.
  • 4 NeoKare Cream Fortifier stored in refrigerator condition (2-4°C) does not require any thawing. It can be used directly.
  • 5 Once thawed, do not refreeze.
  • 6Mixed feed can be stored in a refrigerator (2-4°C) and must be used within 8 hours of preparation.
  • Human-milk-derived fortifier with minimum nutrition of 2kcal/ml and no preservatives.
  • Cream-based fortifier to provide energy.
  • Used to supplement calorie deficiency in mother’s/ donor’s milk.
  • Classified as Food for Special Medical Purposes(FSMP)
  • Osmolality: < 400 mOsm/kg.
  • Frozen products stored at -20 degrees or lower.
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Pasteurised Human Milk Products

  • Frozen 70cal product.
  • Each bottle contains 100ml of human breast milk.
  • Made from 100% human breast milk.
  • Designed to support babies when mothers' own milk is not available.
  • Classified as a Food Product.
  • Frozen product - Store at -20°C or lower.

Instruction for Usage

  • 1 Each bottle contains 100ml of human breast milk.
  • 2 Cool down the product to room temperature.
  • 3 You can directly serve this milk by transferring the contents into a baby bottle.
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Instruction for Usage

  • 1 Mix one bottle of NeoKare PHBM (6 g) with 50 ml of water.
  • 2 Wash hands & sterilize all feeding containers.
  • 3 Boil drinking water and allow to cool for not more than 30 minutes.
  • 4 Open the NeoKare PHBM powder bottle & pour 50 ml of water.
  • 5 Close the bottle & mix well to dissolve the powder completely.
  • 6Transfer the mixed feed to a sterile feeding bottle & feed.
  • 7Opened bottles should be used immediately.
  • 8Discard the unfinished feed in the bottle.
  • 9We recommend preparing each feed in individual bottles when required.
  • Powdered 6g product.
  • Each bottle makes 50ml of milk.
  • Made from 100% human breast milk.
  • Designed to support babies when mothers' own milk is not available.
  • Classified as a Food Product.
  • Powder product - Store in a cool and dry place.
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How are Neokare’s products developed?

Neokare’s products have changed the landscape of newborn healthcare through its range of patented human milk-derived products for use in the NICU. Each product undergoes multiple steps of processing as per the specific product SOP based on our unique proprietary technology.

About Us

Our Mission

Neokare is dedicated to improving newborn babies’ nutrition by providing breast milk derived products to mothers in need. Our goal is to create a network of compassionate donors in the United Kingdom by providing a valuable resource for all deserving mothers and infants facing various breastfeeding problems. We aim to build products from breast milk that supports the well-being of babies and promotes a culture of shared care and kindness. Donate breast milk in the UK today, to support all the mothers and infants who need breast milk.


These products including fortifiers and pasteurised milk products contribute significantly in providing all the necessary nutrients and protein for infants and play a vital role in their bone and muscle development.
There are no side effects associated with PHBM as they are derived 100% from the donor mother’s milk.
In case your baby is facing low-weight problems, it is recommended to mix fortifiers in PHBM or 70 CAL to provide them with a balanced diet.
Fortifiers are scientifically proven to improve weight gain in preterm infants, while the results are subjective to independent babies.
There are no other specific vitamins or minerals that preterm formula feed needs after providing them with the fortifiers as they consist of all the necessary things that your baby needs. But consult a doctor in case of any specific issues. preterm formula feed
You can reach out to us regarding any information or assistance you need regarding these products through our website or email us your concerns.