NeoKare Nutrition

NeoKare Nutrition Ltd is a UK based company dedicated to enabling a human milk-based diet for infants in clinical need.

We are a commercial company establishing a pharmaceutical grade facility in Redditch in Central England to process, develop and test human milk products from a base of UK donors who are recruited in alignment with NICE CG93 guidelines.

Our site has multiple HEPA-filtered ISO 7 Cleanrooms where all processing and packing occurs prior to being stored on our onsite -20 Deg Celsius Freezer. We also have our own onsite Chemical and microbial labs to conduct testing of the raw and finished products,prior to release.

Our range of 100% human milk derived products includes a powdered fortifier with a consistent protein and energy profile with no need to displace mothers’ own milk. We see our mission as providing products to supplement the donor milk supplied by the fifteen (15) breast milk banks under UKAMB.

Numerous clinical trials have proven the value of human milk derived products in saving lives of premature babies (defined as any baby with a Gestational age < 37 weeks), low birth weight babies (< 2500g) and provide an alternative for low / non-lactating mothers.

In our state-of-the-art facility, we use proprietary equipment and innovative processes to ensure the highest possible level of product safety and quality. This proprietary technology for processing of human milk was developed in Australia.

The promoters of Neokare have supplied human milk pasteurizing equipment to setup the first breast milk bank at the King Edward Memorial Hospital, Perth, Western Australia. They have also the experience of establishing a successful mother’s milk processing site in India,
which remains the first and only such site in Asia.

Whilst a new product and concept in the UK, there are two companies that have been promoting such neonatal nutritional products in the United States (USA) over the last twenty years.

To develop scientifically proven, life-saving solutions which offer an “Intact survival” to the most critical and fragile babies.

Our Mission