Frequently Asked Questions

NeoKare PHBM is a frozen, ready to drink product.

NeoKare PHBM provides parents an option to provide their babies donor human milk if a mother has insufficient lactation.

NeoKare 70CAL, 70P, and PHBM are considered food products (rather than medicines or infant formulas). Therefore, you do not need a prescription to buy them.

NeoKare’s products are available through:

The nutritional composition of breastmilk varies depending on the individual characteristics and lactation cycle. Therefore, when you receive donor milk, it can vary in quality.

NeoKare pool milk from several donors to ensure the maximum amount of protective factors are in each batch. After pooling, each batch is tested to ensure that it is within the nutritional recommendations. Thus, NeoKare can provide a standardised product that will help support each baby.

NeoKare’s products are the only human milk based products that are approved by the Vegan Society.

NeoKare products are 100% breastmilk. This means that we receive milk, test it and pasteurise it. There are no additives.

The only exception is NeoKare MMF. NeoKare MMF contains additional phosphorus and calcium to support bone health in premature infants. This does not have a negative effect on the existing components of the breastmilk.

Cows Milk Protein Allergy (CMPA) affects between 1.8-7.5% of infants, and many more infants have intolerances to cow’s milk. Breast milk has protective factors against the development of allergies, and the prevalence of CMPA in breastfed babies is only 0.5%.

Many babies that don’t tolerate cow’s milk products are more accepting of human milk products. If you think your baby might be intolerant to cow’s milk products, you should get advice from your healthcare provider about which products will be suitable.

NeoKare provides a human-milk based alternative to cow’s milk formula’s. Cow’s milk proteins (casein and B-lactoglobulin) aren’t present in detectable amounts in the NeoKare range. However, if your child has proven cow’s milk allergy, you should always consult a healthcare professional before changing their diet.

One of the main dangers of buying unregulated breast milk online is the possibility of passing on diseases to your baby. Research has shown that human milk purchased online may be adulterated with water or bovine milk and the milk has not been pasteurised.

NeoKare has a rigorous screening process for milk providers, including blood tests and a detailed screening questionnaire to ensure only safe milk is donated. Our onboarding process meets the requirements of the NICE CG93 guidelines.

At our pharmaceutical grade processing facility, milk is processed in ISO-7 cleanrooms to avoid contamination, and the final product is tested for both microbial and chemical parameters before being made available.

Although this is an ongoing area of study, it has been deemed highly unlikely that Covid-19 will be passed on to infants through breast milk. The highest risk is the close contact that comes with breastfeeding rather than the milk itself.

Furthermore, NeoKare pasteurises milk (this is a gentle heating process), pasteurisation is known to destroy several harmful diseases, viruses and other pathogens that may be present in milk.

Although data is still being collected, the current guidance still supports the use of donor milk products during Covid-19.