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Breast milk is the fundamental source of protein and other vital components for a baby. This allows mothers to ensure their babies get all the nutrients they need to grow. However, there are circumstances where a mother may face challenges in breastfeeding or producing sufficient milk.

Common reasons may include maternal stress or anxiety, medical conditions, previous breast surgeries, and problems associated with glandular issues. In such circumstances where nursing mothers may face challenges in breastfeeding, donor human milk-based products emerge as a ray of hope. At Neokare, we aim to provide optimal donor-human milk-based products to support your baby’s journey to good health and well-being.

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The Process of Breast Milk Donation

The Transformative Power of Donor Human Milk

There are many reasons why a mother should consider using donor human milk for her baby in the absence of her own milk. Some of the crucial benefits of donor human milk include:

Benefits of Donating Breast Milk

By donating breast milk you are not only participating in meaningful endeavor of supporting babies,
but this can also support your health in various ways such as:

  • 1Donating breast milk results in calorie loss, which can help mothers’ shed their pregnancy weight faster.
  • 2 Consistently donating breast milk can contribute to healthier lactation which is crucial for nursing/pumping mothers.
  • 3 Pregnancy results in the expansion of the uterus, donating breast milk can aid in contraction of the uterus.
  • 4 Donating breast milk is proven to improve the functionality of the heart in the long run.
  • 5 By supporting young lives with your donor human milk, donation of milk potentially reduces the risk of cancer in the mothers.

  • 6 Donation of breast milk offers relief from engorgement related issues for generous mothers.

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Breast milk donation in London

Be a lifesaver today,
by nourishing a little heart!

Our Mission

At Neokare, we are dedicated to providing the optimal nutritional requirements for newborn babies through products derived from 100% donor human milk. Our goal is to develop products that support the well-being of infants, fostering a culture of shared care and kindness. Donate breast milk in the UK today to help support mothers and infants in need.


You can start contributing to a donation once your baby is fed well, and this is typically around two weeks after giving birth to a baby.
It is advisable to consult with your healthcare provider regarding the continuation of breastfeeding or expressing, whether for your own baby or for donation. Ideally, in a low-risk pregnancy, you may continue to feed or express milk. Seek guidance from your doctor for personalized advice tailored to your specific situation.
Absolutely, maintaining good hygiene practices is crucial when expressing breast milk. Wash your hands, clean the pump parts thoroughly before and after the use, use clean containers, avoid touching the insides of the container, and store the milk carefully.
Our donation centers adhere to strict confidentiality standards to make sure that the donor information is kept private and secure.
A mother can discontinue her donation if she wishes to due to any practical reasons.