Nurturing the most vulnerable infants

By harnessing the potential of human milk

Nurturing the most vulnerable infants
by harnessing the potential of human milk.

We develop and deliver specialized nutritional products solely from human milk for premature, low birthweight and other critically ill infants.

NeoKare is the only UK and one of only 3 companies in the world that provides innovative 100% human milk-derived products that allow the healthcare community to meet the challenges associated with the nutrition of preterm neonates.

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The evidence for the use of Human milk derived products

  • 1 Reduction in length of stay (↓ 3 days)
  • 2 Show reduction in sepsis
  • 3 Retention of key Bioactive compounds – IgA & HMOs
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Safety is of paramount concern

Stringent attention is given throughout the process, starting from Onboarding, continuing through Processing, and concluding with the shipment of the verified finished products.

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