Human Alternative

Exclusive Human Milk Diet (EHMD) is the natural choice. Our fortifier improves the term human milk similar to a preterm human milk in macro nutrient content


Human milk is not simply a mixture of macro and micronutrients. It contains over 1000 bioactive components. Many of these are unique to human milk and function by reducing inflammatory conditions in the gut.

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Bioactive Compounds


A recent RCT conducted by Kotha et al. found that compared to CMDF the use of HMDF reduced the incidence of sepsis, NEC, feed intolerance, and length of stay

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A cohort study demonstrated a reduction in feed intolerance and resulted in improved growth parameters in neonates receiving HMDF

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Case study demonstrating the benefits of HMDF in a
VLBW neonate experiencing CMPA

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Case study demonstrating the benefits of HMDF use in
an ELBW infant with complex comorbidities

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