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100% Human Breast Milk Derived Fortifier

If your little one is born before the gestation period, they need adequate nutrition supply to grow apart from breast milk. Fortify with love and care, with Neokare’s donor breast milk-based fortifiers.

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Breast Milk Fortifier for Babies

Babies who are born early or have a low birth weight don’t have enough time to build enough proteins and vitamins that are required for overall health. As a result, many of the NICU babies are often weak. Breast milk fortifiers have been clinically proven in 20+ studies to reduce complications such as Sepsis, feed intolerance and shorten the length of stay in the hospital. Premature babies have special nutritional needs when compared to full-term babies, as they need more energy to grow.

In these cases, breast milk fortifiers for preemies help them grow at a rapid pace by providing adequate protein, minerals, and other nutrients. These additional nutrients if not given, may cause growth deficits which are difficult to compensate at later stages of life. Hence, doctors may advise you to add a fortifier to your breast milk for your premature infant’s health.

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Our Fortifier Solutions

Buy human milk fortifier, Today!– These fortifiers are 100% derived from donor breast milk and should be mixed with breast milk or donor human milk for balanced nutritional supplementation.

  • Human-milk derived fortifier with minimum 18% protein and no preservatives.
  • Powder-based fortifier to provide additional protein.
  • Used to supplement protein deficiency in mother’s/donor’s milk.
  • Classified as Food for Special Medical Purposes(FSMP).
  • Osmolality: < 400 mOsm/kg.
  • Powder products stored in a cool and dry place.
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Instruction for Usage

  • 1 Wash hands and sterilize all feeding containers.
  • 2 Check best before date on HMPS 18 sachet.

  • 3 Pour 25 ml of warm breast milk into a sterile container.
  • 4 If breast milk is frozen, ensure it is fully thawed before adding HMPS 18.
  • 5Add the entire content of one sachet (1 g) into the container with 25 ml of breast milk.
  • 6 Ensure powder is completely dissolved in breast milk before feeding.
  • 7Single-use sachet.
  • 8 Do not use leftovers. Opened sachets should be used immediately.

Instruction for Usage

  • 1 Thaw in refrigerator or lukewarm water. Never in a microwave.
  • 2 If thawed in lukewarm water, must be used completely within 48 hours & it should be kept in refrigerated condition.
  • 3 Unopened NeoKare cream fortifier bottles thawed in the refrigerator can be kept in the refrigerator (2- 4°C) for 3 weeks.
  • 4 NeoKare cream fortifier stored in refrigerator condition (2-4°C) does not require any thawing. It can be used directly.
  • 5 Once thawed, do not refreeze.
  • 6Mixed feed can be stored in a refrigerator (2-4°C) and must be used within 8 hours of preparation.
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  • Human-milk derived fortifier with minimum nutrition of 2kcal/ml and no preservatives.
  • Cream-based fortifier to provide energy.
  • Used to supplement calorie deficiency in mother’s/ donor’s milk.
  • Classified as Food for Special Medical Purposes(FSMP)
  • Osmolality: < 400 mOsm/kg.
  • Frozen product stored at -20 degrees or lower.
  • Add 5 ml of cream fortifier to 100 ml mother’s own milk or donor milk, This will increase the energy content by 10 kcal.

Prescribed for

Comprehensive Nutritional Solutions

Breast milk fortifiers for preterm infants help infants receive a range of nutrients crucial for their growth, immune system development, and overall well-being. Neokare’s HM18 fortifier not only provides the nutrient but also adheres to the ESPGHAN guidelines.

Fortifier HM18/g Preterm milk/100mL 150mL + 6g Fortifier HM18 Term milk/100mL 100mL + 9g Fortifier HM18 ESPGHAN Guidelines (/kg/day)
Energy (kcal) 4 68 126 69 139.5 115 – 140
Protein (g) 0.18 1.62 3.51 1.3 3.57 3.5 – 4.0
Fat (g) 0.04 3.5 5.49 4.1 6.51 4.8 – 8.1
Carbohydrate (g) 0.73 7.3 15.33 7.2 17.37 11.0 – 15.0
Protein Energy Ratio 18% 11.14% 10.23%

Usage: A Simple and Effective Process

Using a mother milk fortifier is a specific process designed to integrate with your baby’s daily feeding routine.

Product Benefits

  • 1 Breast milk fortifiers will improve the nutritional content of breast milk to ensure your baby receives all the essential nutrients for healthy growth in the long run.
  • 2 Fortifiers will support the overall development of a baby’s brain and overall growth and also help infants with cardiac and gastrointestinal complications.
  • 3 The diverse forms of fortifiers offer flexibility and ease of use for busy parents to cater to different preferences.
  • 4 Using these breast milk fortifiers can reduce your baby’s hospital stay by 3-5 days.
  • 5 Breast milk fortifiers improve immune system development and help build defense against infections and illnesses caused during their early stages of life.
  • 6 These breast milk fortifiers will reduce the risk of NEC and sepsis, two of the most commonly faced conditions
    by babies.
  • 7 Fortifiers will enhance tolerability and reduce the risk of CMPA ( Cow Milk Protein Allergy).
  • 8 Fortifiers are scientifically proven to provide your baby with superior weight gain.


Babycare - NeoKare

Myths and Facts About the Product


Breast milk fortifiers are only for premature babies.


Fortifiers can benefit even full-term babies with various nutritional needs to promote healthy growth.


Breast milk alone is sufficient for a baby's growth.


While breast milk is an excellent source of nutrition, fortifiers will ensure additional nutrients for optimal development of the baby.


Using more fortifiers than recommended is always better.


Overusing fortifiers is not recommended and can lead to imbalances, follow the recommended guidelines for the safety of the baby.


Only one type of fortifier is suitable for all babies.


Different babies require different types of fortifiers, some may be born with iron deficiency, while others may lack other nutrients.


Fortifiers make breast milk less nutritious.


Fortifiers only improve the nutritional value by providing essential nutrients for the baby.

Evidence on the Use of Cow Milk Derived Fortifiers

Currently, there is no national guidance on the use of cow-milk-derived fortifiers in the UK. However, a recent survey of neonatal dieticians identified considerable effects associated with cow milk-derived fortifiers across the country.

The latest systematic review by Bown et al. included analyzing 18 RCTs using cow milk-derived multi-nutrient fortifiers. The data indicates that fortification increased weight gain by 1.76 g/day, while gains in length and head circumference were negligible. Generally, the RCTs were small and methodologically poor. The incidence of NEC was higher in the fortified group, although the difference did not reach statistical significance to justify its use.

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Why Choose Us

Expertise: Our products are developed with the expertise of skilled healthcare professionals and nutritionists.

Quality: We prioritize only the highest quality donor milk and ingredients to ensure your infant’s well-being.

Variety: Our range includes different fortifiers to serve the diverse nutritional needs of infants.

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Benefits of EHMD

An exclusive breast milk Diet (EHMD) is an ideal choice for preterm babies. Our fortifiers improve the content of macronutrients in breast milk to provide all-around development for preterm babies.

  • 1 Breast milk is not simply a mixture of macro and micronutrients. It contains over 1000 bioactive components. Many of these are unique to breast milk and function by reducing inflammatory conditions in the gut.
  • 2 A recent RCT conducted by Kotha et al. found that compared to CMDF the use of HMDF reduced the incidence of sepsis, NEC, feed intolerance, and length of stay.
  • 3 A cohort study conducted by the Department of Neonatology, Sri Ramachandra Institute of Higher Education & Research, Chennai 600116, India demonstrates a reduction in feed intolerance and resulted in improved growth parameters in neonates receiving HMDF.
  • 4 A case study by Dr. Chuen (Kevin) Poon Consultant Neonatologist Grange University Hospital Cwmbran, Wales demonstrates the benefits of HMDF in a VLBW neonate experiencing CMPA.
  • 5 A case study by Pauline Adiotomre Consultant Paediatrician Neonatal Unit, Diana, Princess of Wales Hospital, Grimsby demonstrates the benefits of HMDF use in an ELBW infant with complex comorbidities.

Our Mission

Develop innovative human-milk derived nutritional products, tailored for preterm and critically ill infants. Through excellence in research, collaboration, and upholding the highest standards of safety and quality.

Our Vision

To harness the power of human milk to enhance the health and development of preterm infants, thereby bringing value to our society.


The duration varies on various factors, consult your healthcare provider for more personalized advice.
Consult your healthcare provider to assess your baby’s needs, they will recommend fortification if necessary.
It is recommended to prepare only the amount needed for immediate use to maintain freshness and safety.
Discuss this with your healthcare provider for guidance during the transition to solid foods.
Consult a healthcare provider to choose a fortifier that is suitable for your baby’s specific needs and does not cause allergies or sensitivities to the baby.