Our commitment to quality and safety

We operate the first and only pharmaceutical-grade manufacturing facilities for the testing and processing of human milk in Europe. All proprietary equipment are designed in Australia by our engineering company. The designs are based on extensive research and development of more than 20 years in the field of milk processing.

Our processing facility consist of ISO 7 Cleanrooms and GMP compliant. Food safety is addressed through HACCP management system from milk collection till distribution of finished goods. Keeping in mind the highest level of food safety, we continuously perform area monitoring screening tests, food handler’s personnel hygiene for any microbial contamination in the processing area. Quality is continuously monitored during entire processing operation.

Before we accept any mothers milk, the mother has to go through multiple tests including a blood test. We work to ensure the highest quality and safety by having standard operating procedures for each step along the way. SOPs are used for donor qualification, screening and blood testing, shipping and monitoring during shipment, testing of raw milk, storage and processing, pasteurization (in compliance with FDA and NICE guidelines) manufacturing, and final product testing (internal and external by UKAS certified third party laboratory).

Our quality processes far exceed the recommendations of NICE for the operation of milk banks.

Below are the 10 steps that are performed for every batch of human milk, prior to it being approved for distribution:

  • Product safety is paramount and hence, each batch goes through 10 stages of rigorous testing.
  • Milk is pasteurized using 3-A standards of USA certified equipment that complies with USA-FDA.
  • The process of pasteurization complies with WHO and FDA & NICE guidelines.