Why is our product important to you and your baby?

Babies who are born early or have a low birth weight don’t have enough time to build enough proteins and vitamins that are required for overall health. As a result, many of the NICU babies are often weak. Breast milk fortifiers have been clinically proven in 20+ studies to reduce complications such as Sepsis, feed intolerance and shorten the length of stay in the hospital. Premature babies have special nutritional needs when compared to full-term babies, as they need more energy to grow.

In these cases, breast milk fortifiers for preemies help them grow at a rapid pace by providing adequate protein, minerals, and other nutrients. These additional nutrients if not given, may cause growth deficits which are difficult to compensate at later stages of life. Hence, doctors may advise you to add a fortifier to your breast milk for your premature infant’s health.

Introducing the human milk fortifier 18

A product to grow your baby to a healthy future. Accessible across the whole UK.

  • Human milk derived fortifier with minimum 18% protein.
  • Powdered fortifier ensures no displacement of
    mother’s milk.
  • Osmolality: < 400 mOsm/kg.
  • Classified as Food for Special Medical Purposes (FSMP).
  • Powder product – Store in a cool and dry place.