NeoKare has established a pharmaceutical-grade manufacturing facility in Worcestershire, UK that is fully compliant with the all the relevant standards and guidelines of the Food Standards Authority and relevant industry bodies. This facility is designed to process, develop and test human milk products from a base of UK donors who are recruited in alignment with NICE CG93 guidelines.

  • The company’s pasteurisers are built to 3-A standards and compliant with FDA requirements. The company follows NICE (UK) donor screening guidelines, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), product traceability, Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) for the processing in our manufacturing operation.
  • NeoKare has implemented a verified HACCP based food safety management system.
  • Our site has multiple HEPA-filtered ISO 7 Cleanrooms where all processing and packing. In addition we have a largest Human Milk Freezer in Europe for milk storage.
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  • NeoKare only collects milk from UK-based milk providers.
  • Maintaining the health and nutritional needs of both the milk providing mother and her infant and family, as well as the receipient infant is the company’s top priority.
  • Our milk collection process for screening and onboarding mothers are aligned with NICE guidelines (CG93).
  • Our mothers who provide their excess milk are offered a small amount of compensation for the time and expense associated with providing their milk.

Experienced management team with extensive knowledge and sector expertise, having pioneered the proprietary breast milk technology at the King Edward Memorial Hospital, Perth, Western Australia in 2001. They also have the experience of establishing a successful mother’s milk processing site in India, which remains the first and only such site in Asia with supplies to over 120 hospitals, supporting more than 10,000 babies.